Marshall Development’s Big Project in Gudauri: the Grandstand of the Company’s Activities

Construction-development company ‘Marshall Development’ has been operating on the market since 2018 and is currently implementing one of its largest projects in the form of ‘Marshall Gudauri’.

Nutsa Khidirbegishvili, Head of Sales at Marshall Development, cites the company’s current challenge as positioning Marshall Gudauri as one of the best hotel-type residential complexes of all Georgia’s ski resorts. She says the project, an apart-hotel-style residential complex in downtown Gudauri, will contribute to the development of the resort, and tourism in general. We asked her to tell us more.

Why was Gudauri selected as the location of Marshall Development’s first project? What made the resort an exciting starting point for the company?

Gudauri is one of the leading and most investment-friendly resorts in Georgia, distinguished by an abundance of tourists and transit movement throughout the year.

It is located just 100 km from the capital and from Tbilisi airport, which is also a very favorable factor for both tourists and residents of Tbilisi. The resort has great potential to grow and gain a reputation among the global ski resorts. Heliskiing is allowed there and is very popular among paragliding enthusiasts. Taking into account all the advantages, the company considered investing a high budget in Gudauri as a justified decision.

Tell us about the ‘Marshall Gudauri’ complex. What will make it stand out?

Due to its location, construction-technical specifications, modern design and quality, the building is a premium class residence, allowing its residents to enjoy maximum comfort without leaving their homes.

The project will include facilities such as a restaurant, market, pharmacy, swimming pool, sauna, gym and more.The project has a Ski In and Ski Out concept, which is also one of the top priorities for mountain lovers.

Construction of the first block will be completed in May 2020 and the apartments will be delivered to the owners with full renovation.

How affordable are the terms of purchase?

The project is supported by TBC Bank and this factor helps our potential clientele to enjoy special conditions in the bank if they take out a mortgage there. There are also other, quite flexible and comfortable, payment terms.

We are cooperating with the company “Wehost”, which if anyone wishes, will take on the rental service to assist the apartment owners.The commission is only 15%, which is very interesting for our potential clients.

How does the company address the challenges in the construction industry?

With the development of the construction sector in the country, demand for quality, service and safety has increased. Marshall Development, in keeping with all of the above criteria, creates a premium class product that is fully in line with today’s rhythm of life and meets all the requirements of the modern world.

Tell us about the Marshall Development team.

Due to Marshall Development’s policy, much attention is paid to team selection and collaboration. Through our team of professionals, the company is building a high quality residential complex that guarantees credibility and customer loyalty.

What is the most interesting challenge for you, being a member of the Marshall Development team?

I have been fully involved in every step taken by Marshall Development since the project was born. I love this job very much and, like all our employees, I work hard for our overall success.

What is your working day like?

The working day is quite busy and full of challenges.The greater the responsibility and the stress caused by it, the more interesting the job proves to be.

What are your future plans for Marshall Development?

The company has big plans. We are going to carry out other special projects as well. Construction of one of them will start in Gudauri again in spring 2020. The aim of the company is to be able to present the real potential of Gudauri nationwide, to show how interesting it is to invest here.

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